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The School

This movie is from our archive and is not currently screening.

A doctor, wife and grieving mother. Amy is
falling. It has been two years and she still cannot
manage to leave her comatose son, David’s side. Amy
falls further into her own selfish and twisted world of
obsession and denial, blocking out everything and
everyone around her. Meanwhile the walls of the
hospital she is neglecting begin to fall apart. Awakening
in what seems to be an abandoned old school, Amy
finds herself a prisoner to a hoard of displaced cultish
and feral kids. Trapped in a hostile supernatural
purgatory for children (THE SCHOOL), Amy becomes an
unwilling surrogate mother and must try and escape an
impending evil. As supernatural and psychological
terror ensues, Amy must find her way out, fighting
against the demonic, supernatural and ultimately her
own demons.


The School
  • Cast
  • Nicholas Hope, Megan Drury, Will McDonald
  • Director
  • Storm Ashwood
  • Genre
  • Horror, Sci-Fi
  • Classification
  • M, 88 mins
  • Distributor
  • Backlot Studios

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