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The Pretend One

The Pretend One

This movie is from our archive and is not currently screening.

A coming of age drama about Charlie (Geraldine Hakewill, Wanted, coming up as the lead in Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries) and Hugo (Michael Whalley, Wanted) who have been best friends their whole lives. There’s just one thing – Hugo is Charlie’s imaginary friend.
Though their relationship has always been platonic, when Charlie begins to fall for Guy (Benedict Wall, Home & Away), a producer from the city scouting for a TV documentary series – Hugo realises he’s in love with Charlie.
Talking to someone others can’t see has always caused Charlie to be outcast in her town. In a heartfelt moment with her father (Aussie acting legend David Field), who has been distant since her mother’s tragic death in her childhood, Hugo realises that she can’t grow while he is around. He realises he was meant to help her through that difficult period, not be with her forever.

Q&A with a selection of cast after the session on the 15th of March here at Peninsula Cinemas Rosebud.


The Pretend One
  • Cast
  • Geraldine Hakewill, Michael Whalley, Benedict Wall, David Field
  • Director
  • Tony Prescott
  • Genre
  • Drama
  • Classification
  • 86 mins
  • Country of Origin
  • Australia

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